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Improve Productivity

Boost staff productivity by overhauling systems, leaving your staff more time to concentrate on growing your business.

We provide a no obligation free quote to review your current systems and identify processes that can be automated to save costs.

Automating tasks improves staff morale.

Performing the same manual tasks day after day becomes very monotonous.

Taking these tasks away increases staff happiness and thus reduces staff turnover.

Computers don’t make mistakes, humans do.

Automating as many of your workflows as possible will greatly increase reliability, which will make your company look more professional.

Working with a range of technologies

We work with a broad range of technologies with specialities in MS Excel and MS Office, VBA, MS .NET, Databases and Web Work.

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Dashboard Case Study

Having worked in various capacities for TriTender and Procure Wizard over a number of years, TriTender came to us with a unique requirement. They have an online portal that allows their customers to enter data.

The requirement was to create an Excel dashboard that their customers could download from the portal, that took the raw data entered into the system and turned it into an interactive Excel dashboard.

We created a solution whereby we put an empty Excel file on the server, and whenever a customer requested the analysis, we populated it with the raw data and let the customer download it. When the customer opens the file for the first time the analysis runs to produce the dashboard.

The solution is versatile and allows for the changing of the format and structure of the source data and runs quickly and efficiently to produce an aesthetically pleasing output.The interactive nature of the dashboard allows the user to take control of the data and analyse it however they choose.

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